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1: Cloud Migration for Global E-commerce

By : admin

Client: XYZ E-commerce


XYZ E-commerce, a rapidly growing global online retailer, faced scalability and performance challenges with its on-premises infrastructure. They needed a solution to handle peak traffic during holiday seasons, ensure high availability, and optimize costs.


Cybic Inc. conducted a thorough assessment of XYZ E-commerce's existing infrastructure and developed a customized cloud migration strategy. The team migrated the client's e-commerce platform to a leading cloud provider, optimizing resources and implementing auto-scaling to handle traffic spikes. Continuous monitoring and cost optimization strategies were put in place.


⇨The e-commerce platform now scales seamlessly during peak seasons, ensuring uninterrupted service for customers.

⇨High availability and improved performance have led to increased customer satisfaction and sales.

⇨By leveraging cloud cost optimization techniques, XYZ E-commerce reduced infrastructure costs by 20%.

⇨The client's IT team received training in cloud management, ensuring long-term success and self-sufficiency.